The PAC WEST management team has a combined 100 years of experience in woodwork and case work. We offer a complete package; from shop drawings and field measuring, to manufacturing and installation. With a focus on superior service and quality, our products are manufactured to provide many years of service. We combine expert craftsmanship with the latest manufacturing technology to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

PAC WEST utilizes state-of-the-art technology, materials, and equipment to produce products that meet or exceed the dimensional tolerances required for high-quality commercial casework and architectural woodwork. Our products are all manufactured here in Anchorage at our shop. You can count on PAC WEST to deliver consistent work, whether you specify one or one hundred pieces. The digital work flow between office staff, computerized machinery, and the production floor ensures efficient production, providing our customers with superior quality and exceptional value.

Project Consultation

Budgeting and Design-Build (Project Consultation)

Before a project is off the drawing board PAC WEST will work closely with the client to ensure their design expectations are met and the work will be completed within the specified budget. PAC WEST will provide budgeting and design services to construction management, general contracting and design individuals. Our team can meet with the contractor and owner, and develop a millwork budget. PAC WEST will work closely with the team to generate millwork specifications, including material recommendations, that consider both performance and esthetic appeal.

Project Consultation

Custom Woodwork and Casework

Our custom departmexnt utilizes the finest craftsmanship to bring unique designs to life. From complex reception counters to fine liturgical furniture, we meet exacting specifications. PAC WEST has been bringing ideas to life for more than three decades. Our experts will incorporate the features and functionality you desire through a collaborative process that provides products tailored to meet your needs.

Project Consultation

Value Engineering (VE)

At PAC WEST, we recognize that projects have budgetary limitations. Working with clients and contractors, our staff are able to identify ways to control costs while adding value and maintaining product integrity. From initial design to full completion of the project, we can be a part of the overall team to help meet the client’s goals.

Project Consultation

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (Screen to Machine)

PAC WEST utilizes the latest technology for computer aided design and manufacturing to provide our clients with detailed shop drawings to ensure clear project communication and execution. We use the latest CAD and CAM software to send machine code to the shop floor for production of the exact parts needed. After the final design is approved, the project can be programmed, sent to the CNC (computer numerical control) machining center, and then proceed to the shop floor for fabrication.

Project Consultation

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining

A computerized CNC machining center is the backbone of our operation. This equipment is precise and efficient, enabling us to manufacture exacting parts that lead to quality cabinetry and woodwork in a timely fashion. The CNC equipment enables PAC WEST to cut curves, angles, or any geometry to an exact pattern. The intricate designs supported by CNC machining offer an infinite variety of customization and detailing.

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